Life skills: From school to the workplace and beyond

Life skills: From school to the workplace and beyond

Besides science, math, business, philosophy, arts and others, we need to teach valuable life skills to our students. Students will need more than domain knowledge to survive and thrive in today’s world. Some of the life skills to teach in schools are:

Personal financial management – Students and young professionals need to be aware and smart on managing money. What better place to teach them about money than school? A solid personal financial management course will prepare students for the long term.

Cooking – Students and young professionals can be more healthy and live independently if they know how to cook. There can be a lot of eatery options if you live in a city area than being in a rural area. However, knowing how to cook a few dishes can mean a more healthy lifestyle, more savings, and more personal satisfaction.

Travel – Students and young professionals can learn so much from travelling. Besides visiting a new place and learning about its history/geography, travelling allows us to realize a bigger world, know more about ourselves, and appreciate others’ culture.

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