Improving Nepal’s education system

Improving Nepal’s education system

We can improve Nepal’s education system.

If there is one thing that I strongly believe will improve Nepal’s educational system, it would be improving the quality of the teachers.

The foundation of an excellent education system is the teachers. Students spend majority of their time at school/college with the teachers compared to other stakeholders (admissions, career office etc). If the teachers are incentivized the right way, then the magic flows from there. When the teachers are excellent, the students’ learn, grow, and have the confidence to take on the next challenge. This will help the school/college earn a good reputation which will carry over to prospective students, parents and other stakeholders. Thus, a lot of marketing of the school/college is not needed after that.

How do we then incentivize the teachers so that our education system improves?

More to come on another blog.

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