Growing as a team

Growing as a team

To grow as a team, I believe a certain level of “conflict” with members in the team is good and necessary to become better. By “conflict”, I mean a respectful and logical disagreement on the topic at hand. It could be that the other person is looking at the problem or solution from a different lens.

We come from different backgrounds and have various perspectives so conflict will surely arise in those situations but as a team we must work together to resolve them. In professional settings, it’s important to understand where the person with a different point of view is coming from and really hear them out. If the other person has valid and convincing point(s), I believe it is important to be open minded and receptive of his/her ideas and thoughts. No single person will have all the best ideas all the time. A strong team is one where each member can freely express themselves, be challenged by different viewpoints, and makes decisions together.

On the flip side, if there is no conflict, then there is complacency. There will be people just saying yes to everything and eventually that culture sucks the energy, enthusiasm, and input of everyone who want to make a difference. Choose wisely.

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