Fueled by passion

Fueled by passion

It’s gratifying to see an individual fueled by passion. Passion is a rare talent that gets completely overlooked in job interviews. Does the hiring person ever ask: Are you passionate about selling our company’s products? Would you still be willing to do this on weekends if need be?

I suggest that companies ask their prospective hires a simple question: Are you passionate about our company or what we do? This simple question will save the company tremendous amount of time and money especially in the long run. At current, companies are stuck asking boring questions like Tell me about yourself or Tell me about your last job.

When asking this question about passion, you can find out how enthusiastic someone is about the company. Read between the lines of the answer and in some way you can tell whether the person really loves the company or is more interested in just having a job.

Ask them the most important question: Are you fueled by passion?

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