Few thoughts on school curriculum

Few thoughts on school curriculum

How about teaching young minds about character, purpose, and spirituality while they are in school?

We teach students a wide variety of subjects in a span of 18-20 years. They add layers of knowledge on various subjects as the years go by. By the time they graduate, they would have the academic knowledge, mastered test taking and report writing skills, and hopefully gathered some work experiences. Wouldn’t it be also important in today’s world to integrate character, purpose, and spirituality in the curriculum?

When students graduate from colleges and universities, they enter the professional world. Most would have student loans to pay and manage their day to day expenses. A lot of decisions are made daily. If you’re working for a private company, you will be helping the company reach more customers, make more sales and ultimately increase the bottom line. If he or she has good character, they will make decisions accordingly. They won’t only think about what can increase the company’s bottom line but also how it will impact others in the society. Without character, they will make decisions solely focused on generating more money for the company and disregard other stakeholders.

Few students graduate from colleges and universities with a definite purpose and calling. Most wander from job to job for a few years before realizing what they want to do. Some might not even find their purpose and settle for a job that just pays the bills. It’s a hit and trial basis based on your work experiences, conversations with people, circumstances in life among others. Some people become adventurous and find their purpose while others become content with what they have. Both outcomes are fine as long as the person is happy with where he or she is at in the stage of their life. If the students are given a course on how to find your purpose or about spirituality then they will have a better direction before or once they graduate.

Wouldn’t the world be a better place when we not only equip students with the subject knowledge but also instill them values of character, purpose and spirituality?

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