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Degrees and experiences

Nepal’s current job market is filled with college graduates. We have a lot of college graduates with degrees but with few or no work experience(s). The labor supply of college graduates is higher than the current demand.

We need college graduates with degrees and work experiences. Some solutions to this are encouraging students to start doing internships early, colleges playing a more active role in finding placements for students, and companies understanding the value of interns. At current, most students are doing an internship in their last semester and graduate with a work experience of less than 6 months. Students should actively search for opportunities and start doing internships as early in their college career as possible. This initiative will open more doors for students in the future. Colleges are currently doing just enough or a little bit to help their students get internships and jobs. They need to provide plenty of opportunities for their students to explore different career tracks, orient them about the job search process, and prepare them for job interviews. Companies should take interns and look to build their team if there is a right fit. It’s better to give the right intern a full time position than just hire someone out of the blue.