Dear New York City,

Dear New York City,

Dear New York City,

We met in early August
Summer coming to an end
Concrete buildings reaching the sky
A teenager with dreams up high
I got to know you better in high school
Off to college but we kept in touch

No matter how far I was
Distance made the heart grow fonder
I miss the hustle, grit and charm of the big city
Took the attitude and mentality always with me
Your tough love made me stronger
Kept me going through challenges and struggles

Always that city kid no matter what village or corner I went
Living proof that if I made it here that I could make it anywhere
Thanks for introducing me to people from all walks of life
Kept me humbly confident inside and not get carried away with hype
Thanks for raising me to be the person I am today
Your DNA is with me everyday
Thanks for making me dream big
It was all a dream, Big


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