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Dear Kathmandu,

Dear Kathmandu,

We first met in late January
Bright sunny day, blue skies hovering the clean city
Temples and shrines on each corner
Like a living museum
Growing up on the cusp of the Himalayas
I always aimed higher than the sky

You pushed me to fly and kept me down to earth
Gave me a higher purpose since birth
Took your love and care to places I traveled
You held my arms as I faced life
You gave me choices to become better
Opportunities to grow and be a leader

Everytime I came back, you looked a bit different
The identity was the same however I saw you in a new light
Proudly say your name whenever someone wants to know my roots
The kid from Nepal strutting my boots
Years later, I realize how much you had shaped what I stand for
You gave me that smile that many have complemented for

You’re beautiful even though the dust sometimes gets in your face
Life happening at a serene pace
More of the world is getting to know of your beauty and charisma
Which I had already known decades back
Stay as beautiful as you are
I’ll always remember you no matter where I am.