Community Leave at SastoDeal

Community Leave at SastoDeal

SastoDeal, a local startup from Kathmandu has Sastodeal “Community Leave” program where an employee gets 1 – 3 days paid-leave for him/her to do community work. A worthy initiative by SastoDeal and I encourage other companies to do what they can to take up causes they are passionate about.

I believe that all companies and especially local companies have an important responsibility to give back to the community where they do business. This also comes from the belief that with great power comes greater responsibility. As part of the ecosystem, we have to be responsible to the society and do what we can for its betterment. Having a giving back culture inside the company has countless benefits. First, employees feel good that they are working for a company that is making a difference in the society. Second, it helps in generating positive feelings about the company to potential employees, media, public and other stakeholders. Third, and the most important reason is that giving back is just the right thing to do.

I commend SastoDeal for starting the Community Leave initiative within their company since 2018. It is good to hear stories such as Laxman Gautam who distributed a year’s supply of educational materials in Chauri Deurali, Kavre. I look forward to hearing more stories from employees taking the Community Leave at SastoDeal and also am keen to hear from other companies on their giving back initiatives.

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