Nirmal Thapa

Nirmal Thapa loves to build things. From coming up with basketball aliases and company names to creating marketing campaigns and movements that have a profound impact, he does not shy away from experimenting with new ideas and taking on new challenges. In fact, his philosophy is that he would rather try something and live with the results than live with the regret of not having taken a chance at all when he had the opportunity to do so.

nirmal-thapaA truly global citizen, he has been fortunate to have lived in Nepal, Egypt, US, The Netherlands and experienced diverse cultures and people by having been to over 15 countries. He really enjoys meeting people and would strike a conversation with anyone. He is passionate about basketball, graffiti, books, dancing and food-Kathmandu momos are his favorites.

He has been a delivery guy, cashier, counselor, tutor, researcher, salesman, marketer, teacher and director. He is currently living his dreams as a founder, manager and mentor.