The dictionary definition of awareness is the quality or state of being awareknowledge and understanding that something is happening or exists.

As I got older (I’m not that old!), I’ve come to realize that awareness is the starting point to becoming better. If we are not aware of where we need to improve, how will be become better? If we want to become a better manager, a better parent, or a better person, we have got to start out with awareness of our strengths and weaknesses. The first major part of the improvement process is self awareness and then its execution of the action plans towards getting better.

There is no lack of information out there. Anyone who is aware of where he/she needs to get better at can google it. Where to find the information is secondary to self realization of which areas to improve or where to focus our time and energy. At various phases of our lives, we’ll be working on different personal and professional areas. Becoming self aware and taking the steps necessary can lead to your own satisfaction and happiness.

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