Asking questions

Asking questions

Asking questions is an important skill that we all need. It takes confidence, preparation, and a curious mind to ask questions.

Reflecting on the college and work environments in Kathmandu that I have been part of, most individuals do not ask questions. It could be the same scenario for most of Nepal. I pondered what could be the reasons for this. Some reasons could be:

-An educational system that does not facilitate or encourage asking questions

-Workplaces that does not facilitate or encourage asking questions

-Nepalese culture of respect and obedience to teachers/elders/seniors

-Not enough time given or information provided beforehand to students/professionals to prepare questions

-Sometimes a “negative” perception of those who do ask a lot of questions

There could be other reasons as well. I would love to hear your thoughts on why students and professionals in Nepal do not ask a lot of questions. Do share.

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