All talk, no action

All talk, no action

Once upon a time, I used to follow rap and hiphop music almost religiously. I grew up in New York City and was influenced by the rap and hiphop culture. It didn’t take me long to let things get to my head and think that I knew everything about the culture. Then one day as I watched videos of young Nepali rappers/artists, I was complaining to my brother that I could do it so much better than them and “lived” the lifestyle. Then my brother responded “if you think the artists are not that good, why don’t you make a music video or put out a CD?” I had no answer for that and did not make any effort to make a music video or a CD.

For me, that moment was a lesson. Complaining from the sidelines and not working towards a solution will not yield any good result. If you really feel that things should be better, you have to do something about it at least. Actions speak louder than words.

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