AI For Everyone

AI For Everyone

AI For Everyone, a non-technical course available on Coursera will help you understand AI technologies and spot opportunities to apply AI to problems in your own organization.

This is a great opportunity for anyone interested to learn about AI. I’m excited to take this course and had been waiting for it for a while. Read more about AI For Everyone course.

Course syllabus

Week 1: What is AI

  • Introduction
  • Machine Learning
  • What is data
  • The terminology of AI
  • What makes an AI company?
  • What Machine Learning can and cannot do
  • Intuitive explanation of deep learning

Week 2: Building AI Projects

  • Workflow of a Machine Learning project
  • Workflow of a Data Science project
  • Every job function needs to learn to use data
  • How to choose an AI project
  • Working with an AI team
  • Technical tools for AI teams

Week 3: AI in Your Company

  • Case study: Smart speaker
  • Case study: Self-driving car
  • Example roles of an AI team
  • AI Transformation Playbook
  • AI pitfalls to avoid
  • Taking your first step in AI
  • Survey of major AI applications
  • Survey of major AI techniques

Week 4: AI and Society

  • A realistic view of AI
  • Discrimination / Bias
  • Adversarial attacks
  • Adverse uses
  • AI and developing nations
  • AI and jobs
  • Conclusion

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