30 Stories: Sastodeal

30 Stories: Sastodeal

@sastodeal_insta Story by @thestorieshub

Dec. 2011
Rs. 50,000

Our journey started with those numbers. Nepal was opening up to E-commerce and by registering SastoDeal, we were not only launching a company, but an industry.

Nepal is still mostly a cash based economy. We love going to shops, feeling the products, conversing and bargaining with the shop owners, and walking out with a great deal in our hands. However, with the changing lifestyles, work schedules, and the convenience of online shopping, the country was beginning to enter a digital economy. With Rs. 50,000 in hand and facing a 9% national internet penetration rate, launching SastoDeal in December 2011 was a pioneering decision. 

Today, Sastodeal is the leading E-commerce company in Nepal.

Bio: Founded in 2011, Sastodeal.com is one of Nepal’s biggest and most popular online shopping platforms. SastoDeal is targeting to achieve Rs 1 billion in annual revenue within the next 18 months.

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Image credit: Sastodeal Facebook page

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