30 Stories: Offering Happiness

30 Stories: Offering Happiness

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Our entrepreneurial journey began when we decided we needed to work on a  sustainable business. We had worked on numerous development related projects with donor agencies and now wanted to start a business that was different, creative, profitable, and offered a solution to an existing problem in the market. 

We realized that a lot of people wanted to do something special for their loved ones, but did not have the time, so we decided to offer a solution, while also adding excitement in their relationships. After a lot of ideation, we decided on becoming surprise planners or surprise gift deliverers and with less than one lakh of investment, we started Offering Happiness in 2017.

The first year of business operations consisted of many ups and downs. We had started out without much market research or a concrete business model. In the initial phase, some days we got a lot of business, while other days we were not busy at all. By participating in business competitions and reaching out to mentors, we were able to hone our business model and our vision became much clearer.

Bio: Started by four co-founders, Offering Happiness is a pioneer in experiential gifting in Nepal and has delivered more than 10,000 gifts and experiences since it’s launch. Offering Happiness was the 2019 winner at Seedstars Kathmandu and were awarded the Global Student Entrepreneurs Awards (GSEA) Nepal 2019. Get happy at @offeringhappiness

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