30 Stories: Nirmal “Nims” Purja

30 Stories: Nirmal “Nims” Purja

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“Everything in life is possible armed only with a determined approach and positive mindset.”

This attitude helped me climb the world’s 14 highest peaks (the 8,000ers) in just six months and six days, which I called “Project Possible.” Looking back, I did not grow up in the laps of the Himalayas, instead I was raised in the flatlands of Chitwan, Nepal. My journey of mountain climbing started much later because my initial dream was to become a Gurkha in the British military like my father and brothers. That dream became a reality in 2003.

My passion for mountaineering began on a trek to Everest Base Camp in December 2012, while on leave from my Special Forces duties. The 6,119-meter Lobuche East was the first peak I climbed. The mountaineering continued whenever I could and ultimately led me to embark on a project so impossible that nobody thought I could do it: to summit the world’s 14 highest peaks – the 8,000’ers, in an astonishing 7 months window. At the time, the record stood at just under 8 years. After accomplishing that mission in under 7 months, I can definitely say that the right mindset, planning, and team can make all the difference and change the impossible to possible.

I am equally excited for the next chapter of my enterprise, Nimsdai. Here I share my knowledge and approach of big mountain climbing by teaming up 1:1 and providing commercial client opportunities for breath-taking high-altitude special projects.

Bio: Nirmal “Nims” Purja MBE broke the Guinness world records for climbing the world’s fourteen highest peaks (the 8,000ers) in less than seven months. His book “Beyond Possible: One Soldier, Fourteen Peaks — My Life In The Death Zone” will be released September 2020. Follow him @nimsdai

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