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30 Stories: JetSole

@jetsole Story by @thestorieshub

JetSole brings together individuals who are into premium clothing and sneakers as well as brands who want to reach potential customers under one platform.

I have always been the guy that likes to find new brands or wear clothing that are stylish, while still being unique and true to me. However, I realized how disconnected the process of finding and acquiring premium clothing and sneakers was, especially for individuals who were working full time or can’t find time to go shopping, but still want to be in the know. Similarly, new brands were having a hard time getting their products in the hands of potential customers. So, I created JetSole to address the void of convenience and curation of unique clothing and sneakers that are needed by today’s customers.

I have found it increasingly beneficial to travel to a lot of events across the country to get the JetSole brand out there. I like to travel because it gives me a new perspective on existing problems and helps me come up with fresh solutions. 

To date, JetSole has generated over 15K downloads and fulfilled over 1.5K orders since its launch.

Bio: Started by Nelson Gedeon in 2016, JetSole is an e-commerce platform for premium sneakers and streetwear. Follow the Jet life @jetsole

Image credit: JetSole Twitter page

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