30 Stories: Himalayan Java

30 Stories: Himalayan Java

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Tea remains a huge part of the daily Nepali culture and experience. Most people have multiple cups of tea throughout the day. Back in 1999, coffee culture in Nepal was mostly non-existent when Gagan Pradhan and Anand Gurung brought it to the masses by opening the first Himalayan Java in Thamel. Nowadays, coffee culture is widespread, trendy, and fashionable in Nepal.

Gagan fell in love with coffee beans when he was a student studying hospitality management in Australia. The small, independent coffee shops that he frequented as a student became the model and inspiration for his own Himalayan Java franchise. Gagan recalls that he does not remember a single outlet in Kathmandu that served freshly brewed coffee, and wanted to fill that gap. He wasn’t sure of how customers would respond to brewed coffee. However, he was a passionate coffee-head determined to turn his passion into business and went ahead to start Himalayan Java. From the beginning, the co-founders wanted to sell an experience through coffee.

Today, Himalayan Java not only offers the best tasting Nepali coffee beans in the country, but it is also a distributor of coffee machines, offers Barista training/Bakery training, and has its very own coffee farm.

Bio: Gagan Pradhan and Anand Gurung started Himalayan Java, which has been serving Nepali coffee since 1999. They now have 27 Himalayan Java outlets located throughout the world including Toronto, Canada, Omaha, US, and Minnesota, US. Follow them @himalayanjava

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