30 Stories: Arniko

30 Stories: Arniko

@arniko_official Story by @thestorieshub

Marius “Arniko” Arter initially did not plan to make a business out of selling skateboards. He went to Nepal to see if he was going to be able to produce skateboards and after three months of producing skateboards in Nepal, he brought two boards back to Switzerland. Many people in his network in Switzerland liked the skateboards so much that he went back to Nepal to produce more, which ultimately led to the creation of his business, Arniko.

Arniko is well known for their skateboards, which they proudly produce in Nepal and was the first company to introduce the skateboarding culture on a large scale in the country. Back in 2011, Arniko had about 70% foreign customers and 30% local Nepalese customers. The skateboard scene was rising in Nepal and Arniko believed that there was potential in growing and getting more Nepali customers. 

Fast forward to today, we now have @skate_nepal, which is spreading skateboarding to the people of Nepal. There is now also a community-built skatepark in Pokhara, Nepal @annapurnaskatepark.

Bio: Established in 2007, Arniko produces a wide range of fashion articles and skateboards in Nepal and India. Arniko has a flagship store in Zurich, Switzerland and also sell their merchandise through The Local Project Nepal store in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Image credit: Arniko website

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