1,000 business cards

1,000 business cards

Bryan was excited about printing 1,000 business cards for his new business. A founder starting his entrepreneurial journey, he wanted to let the world know that his business had arrived. That excitement carried over to me and I was just as ecstatic about the business cards. A college friend who wanted to start an online jewelery business, Bryan reached out to me to help him out on business development. A young me who had just finished college was totally on board. I was always fascinated by startups and Bryan’s pitch was an easy sell.

A budding business needs clients and we get clients by giving out business cards. Business cards make us credible and confirm that we have a presence. We thought “How will we get our upcoming brand promoted at events, conferences, and seminars without business cards?”

Do we really need 1,000 business cards?

When Bryan told me that he had found a good deal from a printing place on 1,000 business cards, I was like of course we’ll be going through them quickly. So he ordered 1,000 for himself and another 1,000 for the business development wizard (that’s me!). Little did we know that a few months later, I would have used only 30 of them. The rest of the business cards would be collecting dust on the desk.

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